Summer Camps

Ages 5-13

Kid Kind's week long program allows us to indulge in the creative process to maximize our change making possibilities! Covering a multitude of themes: from growth and nourishment to leadership and mentoring, we dive into various artistic fields, such as pottery, film making, music, drama and even wearable arts.

KidKind L.I.T Program (ages 11-13)

Leadership + mentoring are key concepts to the formation of strong and cohesive teams + communities. KidKind offers the unique opportunity to benefit from all of our programming: creative arts exploration melded with community outreach, while receiving leadership mentoring and training from our main staff. Leaders in Training will experience one-on-one guidance, oral and written feedback sessions, and opportunities to take the lead on developing projects to inspire our younger campers. This program is designed for kids entering grades 7 through 9- who are ready to explore, inspire, and have fun!  Stay tuned for our C.I.T program which will be launching next year! Our Leaders in training will be wonderful candidates for that initiative.

Date + Time

WEEK 1 July 2nd - 5th
WEEK 2 July 22nd - 26th
WEEK 3 August 19th - 23rd
WEEK 4 August 26th - 30th
9:00am - 4:00pm


Windermere United Church
356 Windermere Ave,
Toronto, ON M6S 3L3


(4 day week $300)

WHAT IS LOVE (sign) + Miriam's Paint Pants!.jpeg